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Wedding Reception with no DJ?

Wedding Reception with no DJ?

Fatimah writes:

Reception with no DJ ?

“Me and the hubby to be are trying to cut costs as much as possible.we want background music but no DJ. I think it’s a waste b/c I really don’t think people will dance much. Anybody having or been to a reception without a DJ!”
A wedding reception without entertainment is just dinner. You can get that at Red Lobster.The picture above tells a lot about this topic. But one question comes to mind. Why do you think that your guests will not dance at your wedding? Are they ultra conservative and don’t like being the center of attention? Are they so immersed in playing Candy Crush on Facebook to enjoy the festivities?What is a dancing crowd exactly? When people refer to a ‘dancing crowd’ they are best described as self starters. When large groups congregate, the social butterflies of the crowd are usually the first ones to the floor. Once they are up there, others join in and the party begins. But how do you get to that point if no one is dancing?SLOW DANCES:

Anyone who has ever been to prom knows how to slow dance. For some, it’s all they know how to do. To stand with your partner and rock gently like a leaf on a tree giving a squeeze to that special someone. That’s a great way to get as many people on the floor to start the night. Once they’re out there, kick it into 5th gear and they’ll be begging for more.ICE BREAKERS:

Songs like YMCA, The Macarena, The Cha Cha Slide, and more are great ice breaker dances. they are easy enough for people to follow along and in some cases, very goofy. When you get that one person who has no fear to start it off, again, others will follow because they aren’t the center of attention. It’s a great way to get even the most conservative of guests moving. BRIDAL PARTY DANCE:

This is a great way to include your guests in the festivities and get the ball rolling. Lead by example. Invite your wedding party up to dance a slow dance with you. And then halfway through, invite the rest of your guests to join you. This will ensure the maximum amount of guests on the floor. From that point, your DJ can bounce around a few genres to see what works and keep the energy up.But what if I’m on a budget?
There is a DJ for everyone out there. In CT, DJs range from $300 to $3000 for weddings. More importantly than getting the cheapest one is finding one that is a good fit for your personality. If your DJ gets your non-dancing crowd up and running, you and he will look like a hero and you will have a wedding people will talk about and remember for ever. The choice is yours.